Friday, 23 March 2012

Sport Relief 2012 - Poker Grindathon

I am just about to commence a grindathon in aid of sport relief.

The fund raiser is currently going on all over the UK.

For the next 3hrs I will play a mix of NL50 FR and NL25 Zoom and hopefully I will make some winnings.

I will donate half of these winnings to sport relief. If I make a loss I will donate something anyway.

To find out more about the charity please see below.



  1. Na, mammoth zoom session and lose $70 at NL25.

    Gonna hit FR now and try to make something for these guys

  2. Grindathon Complete..!!

    Just finished and it took me 7hrs in the end to make a profit for the charity. Its 5am here as I type this.

    First 3hrs were Zoom NL25: -$70
    Then 4hrs of FR NL50: +$140
    Total is +$70. So I will ship $35 to Sport Relief.


  3. Good job , Cool to donate Rosh you Da mannnnnnn

  4. Wish I could have had a $300 day so that I could have shipped $150

    Saying that, the campaign has already raised $80,000,000+ and still going


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