Sunday, 15 April 2012

4 Hit Combo and its All Change

Its always nice to turn around a pretty sour session, but to do it by winning 4 big hands in the space of a few minutes is even sweeter..!!

After around 5 days of not playing any normal FR poker this was my first session back at NL50.

I have played a little NL25 Zoom in that time which is pretty juicy to say the least.

Here is the 4 Hit Combo:


  1. You've gotta love it when that happens. All day you're thinking "WHY DO I DO THIS?!?", then you finish your session like that and it makes everything perfect.

  2. All Day LOl . 2,468 hands that's only like maybe an hour of playing for Rosh LOL.. 24 Tables x 102.8 hands an hour = 2,468 hands total .

  3. $108 in an hour then. A nice rate :)


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