Saturday, 28 April 2012

Poker Players Fantasy Football League - Only 3 weeks left

We are nearing the end of the poker players English Premiership Fantasy Football League that I organised back in August.

The Original Link is Here

The last 3 weeks will be very interesting as I will attempt to catch the player in 1st place while the player in the 3rd place hunts me down.

I will gamble on a few changes that will hopefully catch Cam (aka Hillhurst Hotspur).

Coinflip si is in 3rd and still has his wildcard available for use which will let him make unlimited changes in a single week at no extra cost. There is a multiple fixture week ahead and I think it will pretty much be decided this week with the last 2 weeks being academic.

Here is the current table:

The prizes left to be decided are:

1st: $281.25
2nd: $93.75

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