Monday, 23 April 2012

Dead for 78 Minutes

On the right is a picture of a man who has been through a miracle.

Having seen his recent interview I had to write a quick piece about a truly amazing story.

On March 17th Bolton Wanderers Midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed off the ball with no one around him in a FA Cup Football match versus Tottenham.

He had just suffered a heart attack on the pitch and fallen to the ground.

Just before he fell he says that he had double vision and then shortly afterwards there was blackness and then absolutely nothing. Fabrice was dead.

Paramedics rushed to his aid and worked to save his life, pumping his chest for around 6 minutes with a defibrillator. He was then rushed to hospital.

It was 78 minutes before his heart started working again and he was left briefly in a coma. After 40 days in hospital he is back home and making a good recovery. He now has a zapper in his chest to start his heart up should it stop again.

The moment he collapsed

All the best Fabrice...!!

Life is short... Live It....


  1. what are the odds ? sick story

  2. Medical science is pretty amazing these days

  3. From what I heard, the docs have no explanation as to what happened or why. It's all pretty bizarre.


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