Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The End for PTR?

An interesting report has emerged yesterday on pokerfuse.com claiming that Pokerstars is launching a legal battle against Poker Table Ratings.

The rumour is that Cease and Desist letters have been issued and that a legal team is about to commence work.

The main issue seems be whether the data mining and then selling of hand histories is legal or not. The intellectual property rights come into question and Stars will say that PTR have no right to sell this.

From the games perspective it is bad as poor players who realise that their results are in the public domain will stop or reduce their play due to embarrassment, which takes money away from the community.

Also, players who buy hand histories have an unfair advantage over their rivals.

It will be interesting to see how this one unfolds.


  1. as long as there is HHdealer.com and i can buy my nl400+ hands its ok for me :P

  2. wats ure opinion ? i use it but hate it. but if ure gonna stop that what about sim sites + sharkscope etc and even HUDs ? stop em all imo but thats never gonna happen. and dnt get me started on training sites !!!

  3. I have never bought hand histories but I have used PTR.

    I not sure how many data mining sites exist but if there are lots then its gonna b tough to stop them. Lots of people must b buying from them if they continue to be in business

    I hav no problem with the use of data that u accumulate while in play

    Training site will always be around whether we like it or not. What I don't like is the constant advertising of pokerschool which makes the games harder everyday.

    I also heard a rumour about plans to put a huge link in the lobby to Pokerschool. This would be terrible

  4. I think using PTR to look up players is pretty standard practice these days. It's a very useful tool but ultimately it's against Stars T&C.

    My problem with it though isn't other regs using it against me, it's the fact that fish might Google their username, stumble across it and realise just how bad they are.

    I'd be very happy if they shut it down, but then afaik it's not the only site doing what it's doing, it's just the best. If PTR gets shut down, the others get better and take their place.

  5. I use PTR religiously, as soon as i find a table, got a little bit of data on folk, i always like to look em up and see if there profitable.

    Of course, its pretty easy to use your judgement anyway once you have a few stats, or just normally if there 1 tablers there more rec players there for a quick game.

    Anyway, I quite like it, its useful, and its great to see the ultimate grinder leaderboards and winners every month, its a shame stars are shutting there data down.

    What other sites are available, i only know of pokeredge,..but not too sure about there data...

    Anyway Rosh, great blog, one Brit to another!

  6. Lol,just went to Ptr and it's blocking Stars accounts guess they don't want a Lawsuit.

  7. Is it cynical to counter argue pokerstars is NOT looking after the interests of players, because that data mining software is not exclusively available (so no advantage) and is available to anyone who plays poker regularly. Like any tradesman, you use appropriate tools to help your job. Secondly, i have yet to see Pokerstars publicly say “they” have caught any BOTS or colluding players…..it is always players themselves and sites like PTR that reveal the bots and ONLY THEN does pokerstars react. So can we naturally now assume all the criminal syndicates/groups will now return enmass to pokerstars with pokerstars managements approval to fleece both casual and regular players?? Welcome to the new age of BOTS where much like other industries, computers will replace people. ie giving an HUUGE advantage to those in high end computer sciences and crime gangs that can afford sophisticated BOTS. And without 3rd party monitoring, expect more of this to go on now. Well done pokerstars, I'm withdrawing my money to sites that are monitored.


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