Thursday, 19 April 2012

See Ya PTR, GG and RIP.... It was Fun While it Lasted

Here are my highlights from the PTR era :)
I was just under a career peak when it went down
It looked something like this:


  1. This is rubbish. I'm not talking about it's effect on the games, or my own usage, but I'd just started career peaking again, my graph was starting to look sexy again, it had just logged my best ever day and I'd realised it could be used for spamming about my blog!

  2. You missed out on that all important final screen shot too..!!

  3. You can contact stars to opt-in and reactivate your personal data...?

    Otherwise go for the less impressive pokeredge!

  4. You might get yourself blacklisted with Stars if you make that request :P

  5. Hey man can we swap blog links? I've put yours up at

    1. Added, but Blogger could not detect a feed on which ever platform u use. So, u will find ur blog right at the bottom of my blog list and your updates won't bring it up to the top, sorry bud, had this problem with a few blogs

  6. i miss ptr, no more buddylisting my weekend bums :(

  7. Gotta take it back to basics n play some pokerz. No more free info...


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