Friday, 20 April 2012

The Top 10 Best Poker Blogs in the World

I have just read a post written by a blogger who listed his Top 100 poker blogs.

Some of the comments he received were kind of like wtf?, how did you come up with this list?

I am not going to link him in this post as some of the entries were a bit lol but it is an interesting and very subjective question.

I won't try to make the top 10 list at this time as I am probably not even aware of many of the good ones out there.

So, I want to throw this one out to you guys who read this blog and say please could you vote for a few of your favourites by listing them in the comments section. This may help me to create a list in the future.




  1. alright mate

    On my blog i have listed other blogs by catogry of games they play (NL cash,limit cash,cap cash tornys etc), looking at who visits my blog it seems they only open my blog as a source to find others lol.

    My favourites: Frosty012,Ronfar3, b3rtstare, Amatay, Your good self!!, Doublefly,

    longest going: Amatay, Rossi2005.

    1. So your a gateway/ portal to poker blog land, lol... joking mate, u have a top blog and I enjoy reading.

      Thx for the list, already one I never read, b3rtstare, will check it out later

  2. Obviously yours is the best blog around. I'd never really read any blogs until I set mine up last week but it's been interesting looking around and finding this whole other world of poker bloggers that I didn't know existed.

    Will be following this post to see if I can find any good blogs to follow.

    Things I like to look for in a blog is regular content and people who write about interesting things other than just poker. I like to see what things fellow players get up to when they're not at the tables.

  3. Mine might make the Top 1000 Ron, :P

    Yeah, I like the diversity in content too

  4. best blog ever ;P

  5. Can confirm, excellent blog..!!


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