Sunday, 1 April 2012

March 2012 Review

The first quarter of 2012 is now in the bag and I am off to a much better start than 2011.

I attempted to move NL100 and NL200 in March but was not really successful as I found the tables pretty reg infested and pretty bad. One of the problems a lot of people face when moving up is an immediate bad run which puts them off. This is happening to me.

A typical example was yesterday where my only 2 pots for stacks at the hundo were 1: where I hit middle set on a dry, low board IP and raise his double turn barrel only for him to have made a bigger set on the turn in a position where he will often stack off with an over pair and I can't get away. 2: I call on the button with AKo vs a utg raise and SB squeezes. SB is an aggro monkey who has double digit 3bet and squeeze numbers and he picks up QQ and holds AI pre. Just coolers I know but annoying when your trying to move up. Anyway, I won't be results orientated and just keep taking shots. I want to try again in April to move the majority and eventually all of my business to NL100.

I dropped NL200 completely in week 1 I think. My main stay is still the awesome NL50.

Zoom poker seems to be quite good for me but as I don't have a HEM1 upgrade I can't put up any numbers. However by rough estimates I seem to win more sessions than I lose and my overall winnings figure is greater the my HEM1 winnings figure so I'm definitely winning at zoom. Playing HUDless and only 4 tables seems to make me focues more which is something I like. The games at NL25 are also very good.

The final numbers for March are as follows:

111,184 Hands Played
18,680 VPPs

+$1,433 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$200 (Stellar Rewards)
+$215 (Sunday Million Ticket with FPPs)
+$180 (Tourney Winnings)
-$6 (SCOOP Tickets used)
+$2,023 (Total Month)

The Ytd numbers are as follows:

358,809 Hands Played
53,901 VPPs

+$3,648 - Jan
+$3,213 - Feb
+$2,023 - Mar
+$8,883 (Total YTD)

GL in April..!!


  1. nice results mate.

    what the fook is happening to LFC??!!

  2. Cheers Rossi

    Gotta stop using LFC players in my fantasy league too..!!

    Reina Red card :O


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