Tuesday, 10 April 2012

BOOOOM.....!!, Its ZOOOOM....!!

Its not often that I see crazy spew (well, not that often) at the normal full ring tables but at NL25 Zoom there seems to be regular nonsensical shoving:

Prior to getting a note and colour ring the 3 better here is an unknown. If I know in advance that he is a yellow whale then I will 4bet here all day long unless I want to keep the OPR in the hand.

Sweet Flop... Raise for value vs weaker Kings / diamond draw.

Woooaa, the shove.... Must be a split pot.

Damn..... A9o. He is drawing dead....!!

Ship it. Nice....... :p


  1. Drawing... ahem... to running Aces - FTW! Seen it happen; he's not drawing completely dead...

  2. Well, I have an ace too.... But the Ace of diamonds gives him a BD flush draw

  3. everyone thinks he is isildur on zoom nl25

  4. Hi!

    Was jumping blogs and found yours! just a quick question.. how can I put a progress bar on my blog? I've been searching how to do it, but can't find answers!

    tyty and gl with your games!

  5. Fernando, I got mine from a site called smallish.com but u can also just google blogger progress bar

  6. ahhhhh eyecancer pokerstars classic theme :P

  7. Haha, I never bothered to try the other themes


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