Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Countdown to Year End Challenge

I have 82 days to go till the end of the year and to achieve this year's pretty low target of 200,000 VPPs.

This is 100,000 less than last year so I feel like a bit of a slacker but I have had lots of non poker related real life stuff going on too so I am not too bothered.

I currently stand at 147,278 so here are the stats:

200,000 - Target VPPs
147,278 - Current Total VPPs
 52,722 - Remaining VPPs
        82 - Days Remaining
      643 - VPPs Per Day

I would like a few more VPPs actually to get 3x $1,600 FPPs bonuses + 1x 200k VPP Bonus of $2,600.

That would increase things to:

 68,128 - Remaining VPPs
        82 - Days Remaining
      831 - VPPs Per Day

Time to get my grind on..!!

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