Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Down and Out - Almost

Every time I move up I have an immediate bad time of it. I just made the jump back to mixing in NL100 tables 2 days ago and then yesterday this happens:

I got a cash bonus and only cashed half so I could move up and build my roll. Now with this day the other half of that bonus is gone and my roll is on the tight side again.

Stupid Card Game...!!


  1. I have exactly the same problem with my shots at 100-200NL... Nothing hurts more than losing a couple of buyins there, after they where grinded at 25-50NL. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time...

    Using a x buy-in stop-loss and playing a bit tighter (low variance style) when this happens will improve the results a bit.

  2. If I could just win the first few flips then I would be on my way but it is always a hit. Back to the drawing board

  3. you doing your shots wrong, if you want to shot NL100
    try playing only 2 NL100 tables and just quit if you down 3buyins. when you get them back on nl50 just try nl100 again.

  4. welcome my son. welcome, to the machine.


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