Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Winding Down - Wind Down for October

The month was looking good at close to $2.5k profit with bonus. Then I managed to spew off over a grand to some nonsense plays over 2 days.

I took a few beats and lost a few flips at NL100 then I lost my head. Over the 7yrs I have been playing poker my tilt control has generally been excellent but in the last couple of years I have the occasional spew session.

This is obviously terrible and has a huge impact on your month's figures.

I will be back on track tomorrow. I know what to as I have done it before. No more spew sessions..!!

I am winding down since it is the last day of the month. I will play at lower levels and just enjoy it. Already stacked 3 people at NL25 and NL10 last 20mins :)


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