Friday, 26 October 2012

Top 10 Countries / Travel Destinations for 2013

The Lonely Planet 'Best in Travel 2013' guide has just been released on their website and it is interesting reading. They list what they think will be the best places to go to in 2013.

Here is the list:

1. Sri Lanka 

The country of my ancestors. My folks were born here and it is now really on the map after the positive developments over the last few years.

Almost 4yrs after the end of the 30 year civil the country has really opened up. New developments in infrastructure and hotel complex's are really starting to attract tourists.

The climate is awesome at around 28C all year round with some amazing beaches.

Prices are very reasonable to get to SL and also while you are in the country.

Being a Buddhist nation the culture and atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming.

There are numerous excursions to be had like safari, jungle treks, mountain climbing, shopping, temple visits with a good night life with many bars and casinos to visit.

Sri Lanka is one of the planet's best value destinations.

2. Montenegro 

If you are into biking and hiking then Montenegro is an emerging travel destination.

There are lots of nice beaches to see along the Riviera.

Like Sri Lanka they have also had lots of new infrastructure and developments in recent times.

Places of note include the Bay of Kotor.

3. South Korea 

While you have the bright lights and the big city in South Korea the country is developing as a real outdoor recreation destination.

There is a lot of golfing, hiking and fishing to be done.

It is forecast to really burst into the world scene in the coming years as it hosts a series of various sporting events.

4. Ecuador 

5. Slovakia 

6. Solomon Islands

7. Iceland 

8. Turkey 

9. Dominican Republic 

10. Madagascar 


  1. "being a Buddhist nation the culture and atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming with many bars and casinos to have a drink at." Never realised that this was such a big part of Buddhist culture although it certainly does explain the monks playing high stakes poker.

    1. lol, gotta love those LAGGY poker playing monks

  2. Madagascar last so you get to travel yet end up safe when the ports close?


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