Saturday, 6 October 2012

How Do You Win at Poker??

I don't know how to win at poker at any level above NL25. After spending 1yr consistently battering NL50 the last few months have turned on me.

Its early in the month and I started so well at NL25 winning about 10 BIs in 2.5 days. I then decided to move up to NL50 and immediately got busted up.

Today I have been playing 3 levels mixing NL100, NL50 and NL25 all at ZOOM and here is the result:

I keep having to drop down and then take shots. I should be a reg at NL100+. I will now try to build up slowly by blocking out a few leaks that have appeared in my game and also but not cashing out. Once my roll is sufficient I will stay at NL100.

Ok, back to work..!!


  1. variance is huge

    1. how much buy ins you plan on staying on nl100?!

  2. Once I reach $5k balance I will switch to NL100

  3. I feel your pain. I moved up to NL25 recently and keep getting destroyed. The weird thing is that I seem to be playing well against the regs and getting crushed by the fish. I can't seem to win with sets at all - either they fold to a raise or they bink a flush/straight after 65-70% of stacks have already gone in the middle.

    It shouldn't be normal that my showdown line is a -45 degree angle when I play a somewhat nitty style. I'm about 7k hands in and plan to wait out the ridiculous runbad.


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