Saturday, 27 October 2012

Fishy 4bets

I don't advocate calling 4bets with 97s but occasionally its fun..!!


  1. I'm curious why:

    a) You 3bet an UTG raiser at a full-ring table with a suited connector in LP? What kind of read did you have on him to take this line?

    b) You were getting poor implied odds to make the 4bet call. Again, what was your reasoning?

  2. This was completely an example of how NOT to play a hand. Everything I did was wrong.

    Its fun to gamble sometimes and just get lucky :) Fish win occasionally

  3. i cant believe what happen to me today. this idiot fish called my 4bet with 9 7 suited.... motha fucka just got roshed!!

  4. Somebody called me a 'moron' today. I cried a little


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