Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sitting Here Laughing

If you don't laugh you will simply cry :)

My bad run stretch is now getting close to the 4 month mark.

I am very chilled at the tables though and taking the beats well as they keep coming.

I am very pleased with my cool, calm and collected play over the last 2 days.

I get a wry smile on my face now every time I get AA as I start thinking: will I lose with it AI pre flop or will I just get stacked post when someone jams their Top Pair and hits 2 pair or trips on the river, lol.

Today's visual just sums up the run:

That extra $200 would be nice in my hand and the number of times over the 4 months that this kind of visual has been the end of day shot would add up to a tasty few grand but that's poker eh. At least I won :)

It is very easy for poker players to forget the real value of money with the swings we go through at various levels. I watched an interesting BBC TV series recently called 'Welcome to India' which was about life today in the 2nd most populated nation. One of the case studies was a dude who made tea cups from mud. One of his quotes was something like 'if I work 14 hours I can break-even, if I work 18 hours then I can make a nice profit. He was referring to like $5 or more for that shift.

I will fight hard to get back to winning ways and will try to never forget the real value of money in world terms.

The good news is that I am now completely back to NL50, playing mainly ZOOM for the moment. With a $1,600 bonus due in a couple of days I am now comfortably rolled at around $4k which means I will not have to drop down to NL25 any time soon, hopefully....

I need around 47k VPPs to get to 200k and around 62k VPPs to get to 200k + an extra $1,600 bonus before 1st Jan. If I can manage to not cash-out too much then I should build my roll and make the jump to NL100 and then getting these VPPs should be easy.

Lets Grind..!!


  1. alright mate

    sure you are going to be fine mate. Is Supernova Elite still yr plan for 2013? I am looking forward to following your progress if it is mate.

  2. Ez Ross,

    I hope so mate. I need to successfully make the jump to NL100 in the next few weeks and then to NL200 shortly b4 year end.

    I have started to and played a fair bit of 6-max for the first time ever in NLH these last 10 days or so. I have played a lot previously but it was in PLO.

    You need 6-max these days as FR is dying a painful death at higher levels and NL200 games don't always run enough tables of FR to hit SNE.

    I will decide whether or not to commit to the SNE chase in the last 2 weeks of December and comment in the Blog.



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