Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Don't Fold Kings Pre Flop

I have rarely done so over the time I have played poker but,

looking at this arrow pointing to 3% 4bet and 2.5k hands this guy only four bets AA and nothing else including KK or AK I am 99.9% sure of that. Every time I call here I am shown AA. Also, he makes it $9 and not $7 ot $7.5 which looks more like 'I wanna get max value'

Verdict: Fold

What would you do?


  1. btw 3% is i range like this: JJ+,AKs,AKo - i never fold KK, even if his sizing looks strange, maybe he has just an 'out of line'-idea ;)

  2. Isn`t this also dependeble on your own sqz and 3b stats?

  3. My sqz stats are average but in recent times any one with low VPIP like 11/11 or less and <4% 4bet has always had AA so I folded.

    Its rare that I fold and in a vacuum a 3% stat is TT+, AKs+ so i shud b calling but instinct tells u different sometimes ;)

  4. I just woke up and am half a sleep. I just realised that the 3% stat is actually how often he 4bets when faced with a 3bet and not his 4bet range. His 4bet range was actually 0.5% so he had AA :)

  5. fullring problems...^^ play shorthanded and you never have to think about folding KK

  6. btw i probably would fold in fullring games if he is really tight and you just know he is never going out of line here

  7. fold. he doesnt always have aces but for sure often enough to make a fold the right move. a 12/9 very seldom has "out of line" ideas :)

    @Sharkon: but 6 max u have the same problems with qq,jj vs those guys;)
    circle of problems^^

  8. U can't argue with Filojoes..!!


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