Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Pokerstars BOOM Hand Player / ZOOM Promo - I Won

Its a quirky little promotion that is running this week and basically allows ZOOM players to win an unlimited amount of bonuses.

To celebrate 1 million hands on Pokerstars BOOM Player they have 100bbs up for grabs each time you make a specific hand, win at showdown and share it on BOOM.

The specific hand changes each day and is basically a fun hand chosen by various team pros who have played them historically.

Day 1 was pretty poor for me. I played over 10k hands trying to hit the 8h8d as it is the best one all week. I got it 3 times but lost each time with so won no bonus.

Day 2 is harder to win with as it is Ah4s but I got it twice and won both so that's 200bb free. Gonna be a fun week, could win a shed load here..!!

Here are links to my 2 wins so far:


  1. Just won another 1, this time at NL25 so only $25 but all good, free money

  2. Hey rosh good to hear positive news from ya :-)
    what about a volume pool in november?
    Gl for the rest of the month :-)

  3. Thx

    Plan is to open the new volume pool on the 26th each month with a deadline of eop 4th each time therefore giving peeps 8/9 days to enter

  4. Won 7 BOOM hands now, halfway thru the promo


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