Wednesday, 6 March 2013

3rd Place In WBCOOP Event #13 4-Max NLHE

I have just had my best ever MTT finish. So am I rich???, sadly no as it was on a freeroll with tiny prizes. It was a lot of fun though and I really enjoyed having a shot at a title.

So close....

Here's the Final Table:

Some jokes 3-handed:

Some abuse on route to the FT:


  1. nice score -)
    what piqued my interest was the "abuse" .. a certain "neilcaterham" is a regular opponent of mine when i play 4-card-bingo mtt's. ironically, I don't think I've crossed swords with him at a 2-card-bingo table.
    small world, lol -)

  2. Congrats on the score! If I remember from the year I took second overall, it's a multi-tourney series where you can win a buy in to the WSOP. I wound up winning around $3k for the series right before Black Friday hit.

    Keep playing and get another few scores! Get the top prize! Good luck.

  3. Cheers buddy, your right there good prizes for the top 3 on the final leaderboard

  4. Yeah - that was the same kind of start for me as you had. I won a tourney, and placed 4th or something in another one... before I knew it, I was 2nd or 3rd on the leaderboard. I remember that Stars moved the time of one of their tourneys without notifying anyone. As a result, I missed the tourney. I came in 10th or something like that in the Main Event - had I gotten *ANY* points in that missed event, I would have been 1st on the leaderboard overall. I wound up writing Stars and working out a deal where they gave me between 1st and 2nd money. It was very generous of Stars.

  5. Nice, its always worth asking, nothing to lose really

  6. Nice score Rosh! Love the chat haha

  7. GJ dude! so was the final table played 9 handed and not 4 max? Seems odd...

    1. Thx. 4-Max final table plays 5-handed

  8. Hi! Congrats on a nice score! What caught my attention is that pepi who seems to have something bad to say about everyone... He was at my table yesterday at WBCOOP event 19 and unfortunately I was the target of his comments. I called a moderator and then he stopped. I really hope they deprived him of his chat privileges. This series is a fun event and guys like that are trying to spoil it.

    Anyway, good luck for the rest of the events if you still have tickets left!

  9. Thx Kat, Ya the guy was very naughty!! GL to u too!


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