Saturday, 16 March 2013

How Whales Play Sets

As I spend a little more time at NL100 FR ZOOM I am gradually figuring out who is who. I was in a hand here with 2 unknowns. By then end of my session I noticed that they were both playing a 40+ VPIP over a decent sample and they both received the dreaded 'yellow' tag:


I raise my AK and stack off pre 100% of the time vs yellow tags.


  1. so they are tight as fuck and slowroll mad, and really passive, and these guys are the ones you want to go all in pre against with AK against KK+?...

  2. They are loose pre, both 40+ VPIP. They just panic post flop when they make a hand and don't know what to do.

    Also an interesting dynamic exists when a big pot builds pre, sometimes they spazz post. I saw one dude exactly like this today.

    Have to figure each one on their on merits though :)

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