Saturday, 2 March 2013

Is Party Poker Now Rigging Their Lobby?

There some pretty shocking reports coming out about Party Poker and other sites now apparently controlling what tables players have access to based on their winrate. They are basically trying to get regs to play regs and fish to play fish.

I will definitely boycott any site that does this. 

There are a few reports on some forums and this clip seems to show it in action:


  1. That's crazy if it is true. The online poker industry doesn't need another event like black friday or any other claims of criminal actions or unfairness and rigging.

  2. Poker seems to be getting shadier and shadier. Really sad

  3. Replies
    1. I didn't think a site as big as Party would go down this route but then again I'm not shocked at anything these days

  4. Has this been tested on any other sites yet? I'd think there would be a rush to test the top 5 sites that have player pools large enough to withstand rigged lobbies.

    1. Afaik the Revolution network are going to do this too.

      Its very interesting to see the short/long term effects that this could have on the player pool. It could attract a lot more recs to Party at the loss of regs but the site would benefit. It could also go the other way with both recs/regs leaving.

      Definitely going to monitor this situation

  5. Well... Ipoker implemented similar strategy 6 months ago,the network had been split into 2.Players in iPoker 1 cannot look at or play on tables in iPoker 2, and the players on iPoker 2 cannot see or player on the tables in iPoker 1

  6. Player numbers seems to be relatively unchanged too over that period

  7. party has software made for people to post dead blinds, made to be impossible to multitable


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