Friday, 15 March 2013

New Mix Of ZOOM Games

I have been trying a few new mixes of ZOOM games as a few new levels are now receiving volume.

My old mix for ages was 4x NL25 FR, 4x NL50 FR and 1x NL100 6-max.

Now I am running 2 mixes:

Off Peak Time: 2x NL100 FR, 1x NL100 6-max and 4x NL50 FR
Peak Time: 4x NL100 FR and 4x NL50 FR

So far it is not off to the best start but I have run pretty bad. I will trial this for the next week and see how it goes.


  1. do you know if the numbers in the "plrs" column are actual players or they are depends on how many tables each player join? So like if there are 10 players and each of them joined 4 tables, does that plrs number become 40?

  2. Yeah, its the number of entries and not players. It is a bit misleading


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