Tuesday, 12 March 2013

WBCOOP 2013 Round-Up

So I think I definitely spent more time playing tournaments this month than ever before. I added lots of others alongside the WBCOOP events and didn't win anything of note. I am way behind on cash games as I was playing far less of those alongside MTTs. I think I may give WBCOOP a miss next time as the prizes are too small and divert valuable time away from my main poker activities.

It was a fun series nevertheless and at the start of the ME I had a shot at the top of the leader board if I finished 1st lol. With 1,009 runners I made 49th after a huge bad beat on the river with my chips in good on the flop (standard MTTs).

I made 5 cashes (tickets) out of 10 events and cashed in the main too. I finished somewhere like 45th on the overall leader board.

A fun series for micro bloggers really but maybe not worthwhile for higher stake players.


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