Monday, 18 March 2013 - A Poker Social Network is a brand new social network designed specifically for poker players and fans so that you don't have to explain poker-related statuses on Facebook to your ignorant friends.

With over 5000 users from around the world and growing we offer you the opportunity to become a part of an understanding, fun and supportive poker community as well as we give you different ways of expressing your feelings and results regarding poker (and anything else you would like to share us with :) ), incuding posts and blogs.

We are proud to say that we have several SuperNova Elites among our users including Tomáš "Masuronike" Kubaliak, Martin "phasE89" Baláž, Gustalo "Llermaly" or Joshua "Jdawg91" Hoeself as well as many other great players and our team is constantly improving the site adding new features to make it even better, so come and pay us a visit!

Oh and the freerolls! Do not forget we have the TiltBook freerolls. Every Sunday!

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