Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Irish Poker and Badugi

I've been mixing it up the last few weeks with a few new games.

Firstly I tried Badugi which is a form of draw poker where you target getting the nut low A,2,3,4 but with all different suits. I played a little bit over a couple of days then went onto the WBCOOP event of this format. While I did okay on the cash tables the tourni went pretty bad and I was out quite quickly. I don't really like Badugi that much so it will be a very occasional foray.

The 2nd game is one which I really like. It is Irish Poker and it is like a mix of Omaha and NLHE. The game plays out in a similar fashion to holdem but you start with four cards. The pre flop and flop betting is based on your four card holding. After the flop bet you discard 2 cards and play out the turn and river as in holdem and the winning combo and hand rankings are the same as NLHE too.

I used my free $10 game ticket on Fult Tilt poker and have only played a little so far but have enjoyed it. Iv'e only played the $2 and $5 tables but I am up like 9 BIs already. GG.

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