Tuesday, 5 March 2013

95 Billionth Hand Drops on Pokerstars

I am still yet to hit one milestone hand. This time it was the road to 95 billion hands and I played a mix of NL50/NL100 to try and hit one but failed again.

I didn't get that excited this time as I realise the chances are pretty slim. The real value in this promo is probably the fact that lots of recreational players jump in and make the games a bit better for like 5 days.

With the last 4 milestones about to pop I fired up 20 tables of NL50 and hoped for the best. About 90 minutes later the big one was about to drop and it did at an NL16 FR table.

There was some funny drama as one player disconnected and Stars could not contact him. He was given 30 minutes but failed to come back so they ran the hand.

The Prizes were as follows:


  1. can't say I was overly excited. plenty of random fish tho' -)) making my life difficult by playing any 4-cards -(( .. and I'm pretty sure some them do not know the rules, lol


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