Sunday, 24 March 2013

Juicy Pot


  1. Leading out on the turn the way you did is that not screaming I have a 4. Of course he called so I guess he did not get the voicemail on that one lol, but you did lose player 4 by your action. I am interested to know your thought process by leading out on the turn rather than check/raising the turn or even flatting the turn assuming one of the two would bet of course, and then leading out on the river.

  2. I more often play it the way u describe. However because my flop play to overcall a cbet and raise oop is so super strong I think overpairs are almost always checking down the turn unimproved.

    I am pretty sure player 4 as pfr has an over-pair. I am 99% sure he will not put any more $$ into this pot. Now, that might be an argument to let him catchup as I have the board crushed but chances he will not hit so I will not get much cash out of him.

    That leaves me vs the flop raiser. If he is bluffing then my play is bad but to raise multi-way he has to have something and any other set + over-pair from him are much more likely to stay in and(or) raise my turn lead. This way I definitely build the pot as I have taken control. As it turns out he was probably a bit fishy to call the river jam and must have put me on Tx

  3. I have no idea what this game is about, i just presed a lot of times "Turn" and "River" and i won 375,47 $ , hahaah. This is more than easy! "Monaco casino , here i come!"

  4. Haha Emilija, you should give it a go


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