Thursday, 7 March 2013

Creeping Up The Black

One week into March and things are rolling along pretty slowly. While I am really enjoying playing the WBCOOP series of events, it is really affecting my cash game volume.

I am finding mixing both formats a little more tricky as I try to make good decisions on the tournament tables. I have also thrown in a few extra regular tournis too. This means less hands have been played on the cash tables.

Once WBCOOP is over on Monday I will need to step up my pace to make sure that I am ahead of the 200k VPP tracker on April 3rd as that is when Pokerstars pace bonus will be assessed. 

So far I am ahead of the marker but have been dropping very close to the mark as you can see here:

As far as cash games are going, I am in the black and creeping up very slowly:


  1. where can I see that list of players?



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