Friday, 1 March 2013

February 2013 Review

I just finished watching Argo, pretty good film but not as good as everyone says. Its got a rating of 8 on IMDB but I would go for 6.9 :)

I'm not playing any serious poker today and having the rest of the night off.

I played 3 micro stakes 'timed' tournaments today just for fun. There is not too much strategy in these but they are a good laugh.

Feb was not looking too bad going into the last week, I was eyeing a +$4k month but then I took a big dive at the tables and lost all my winnings :(

I played similar games to last month, a mix from NL25-NL200 with both FR and 6-max.

The final numbers for February are as follows: 

123,867 Hands Played
16,979 VPPs
59,427 FPPs

+$27 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$1,600 (FPP Cash Bonus)
+$200 (Stellar Rewards)
-$44 (Stake Swaps)
+$319 (Tournament Winnings)
-$38 (Live Cash Losses)
+$2,064 (Total Month)

The Ytd numbers are as follows: 

283,626 Hands Played
35,964 VPPs
125,874 FPPs

+$5,271 - Jan
+$2,064 - Feb
+$7,335 (Total Year)

All the best for March....


  1. how u manage to get alrd twice the 1,6k Bonus with only ~ 36k VPP ????
    As Supernova u need 28.6k VPP for just one of them and i see it every month in ur Review list...
    kinda confused

    VPPs x 3,5 = then result x 0.016$ = correct Rakeback (+ adding Stellars/freeroll cashes ofcourse) ;)

  2. I post cash movements and not accrued VPPs(FPP value) in the period just because that's the way I have always done it. So when I cash in 100,000 FPPs for a $1,600 bonus I include it in the numbers. Wrong way to do it but it is much of a muchness really.

    So on Jan 1st I already had some FPPs in my account which have been used to cash. :)


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